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lol Speak[]

ORLY/ O RLY~ Oh really?

NO WAI~ No way!

Cheeze~ cheese

Wut/ Wat/ Wa~ What

Iz~ is

Dat~ that

Y Halo Thar~ Hello

Liek~ Like

Mite~ Might

Kat~ Cat

Bai~ Bye

Tha~ the

Im here 2 has sum fun!~ I'm here to have some fun!

Basically anyway of writing a word differently but still pronouncing it� the same way.


LOL~ Laugh[ing] Out Loud

ABT2~ about to [do something]

BFF~ Best Friends Forever

AKA~ Also Known As

BBL~ be back later

BF~ 'Boyfriend' or sometimes 'Best Friend'

g2g~ Got to go (I have to leave)

IDK~ I don't know

IDC~ I don't care

K~ Okay

KK~ Okay

L8R G8R~ Later Gator (good-bye)

ILY~ I love you {don't be confused, this doesn't always mean "Love, love" it's usually refered to a friend}

RL~ Real life (not on the internet)

IM~ Instant Message

PM~ Private Message

NM~ Not much or Never Mind

JK~ just kidding! (no offence! or just joking!)

BI5~ back in five minutes

B4N~ Bye for now

BTW~ By the way

c-ya~ See you

EZ~ easy

FYI~ for your information

Info~ information

Grats~ Congratulations!

BBL~ Be Back Later

FWD~forward {as in E-mailing}

GF~ Girlfriend

GRRR~ (They are growling)

ASAP~ As soon as possible

B/C~ because

W/O~ with out

GTG~ got to go


b4~ before

BRB~ be right back

C U l8r~ see you later

Def~ Definitely

NE1~ Anyone

PLZ or PLS~ please

PMHT~ Pardon my hashtag (#PMHT)

QT~ cutie

R U~ Are you?

sk8r~ skater

S'UP~ What's up?

Thx~ thanks

TY~ thank you

U2~ you too

VM~ voice mail

WDYT~ what do you think?

XOXO~ Hugs and Kisses

Ya~ yeah

ZZZ~ Tired, bored

2moro~ tomorow

2nite~ Tonight

OMG~ Oh My God!

JAM~ Just a minute

TTFN - Ta Ta For Now (GW&DW)


zOMG!~ (zoh-MY-God) or (zoh-M-G)� sometimes shows even stronger feeling than OMG!

---!!1!!!111!!~ added to the end of a excited statement

Change the 'Y' to an 'eh'[]

Bunny~ bunneh

Funny~ funneh

happy~ happeh



Kawaii~ (Rhymes with Hawaii) Japanese for cute. Mostly used by Anime fans and Otakus.

Otaku~ (Oh-ta-ku) Japanese slang that is used to describe overly obsessed fans (not always of anime.)

Moe~ (Mo-eh) Japanese slang that is used to describe a strong interest in a certain style of a character in Anime, Manga, video games and Dating Sims. For Example, Some one could be� attracted to an Anime girl that wears glasses. This is known as Glasses-Girl Moe.

n00b or newbie~ Originally used to describe a person new to using the internet. It's now mostly used to insult someone by saying that they don't know anything.

elite/ leet/ l33t~ the opposite of n00b. Someone who knows a whole lot about the net. I, the admin, am a l33t, for example.

Uber~ (Über) German for above or over. It's means that something is ultimate, above all other, the best, tops, to the extreme, etc. This is uber lame! = This is really lame!

Nom~ A word used on the Net to mean that someones chewing, biting, or eating something.

Pwned, pwnd, pwn'd, pwn3d, pwnt, poned, pawned, or powned~ When someone is defeated or humiliated. You just got pwn'd!

STFU: Shut the f*uck up